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FREE industry publications (click a link to download):

EPA, A Citizen's Guide to Radon         4 RCs   NEW

EPA, Lead in Drinking Water Act - FAQ         4 RCs   NEW

Andrew Ask, Ventilation and Air Leakage         4 RCs   NEW

John Straube, Air Flow and Rot         4 RCs   NEW

Joseph Lstiburek, Air Flow Control in Buildings         4 RCs   NEW

Joseph Lstiburek, Ventilation in Hot, Humid Climates         4 RCs   NEW

Joseph Lstiburek, Climate-related IAQ issues         4 RCs   NEW

Joseph Lstiburek, EIFS and Stucco -- Problems and Solutions         4 RCs   NEW

Joseph Lstiburek, Understanding Drainage Planes         4 RCs   NEW

ALA Standard of Care for NH Mold Industry                   4 RCs   NEW

NY Toxic Mold Task Force Report                                4 RCs (added October 2012)

IESO/RIA Standard 6001                                           4 RCs (added July 2012) 

NADCA Position Paper on Chemicals and HVAC         4 RCs (added June 2012) 

NADCA ACR 2006                                                     4 RCs (added June 2012) 

IAQTV Videos on Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Fire       4 RCs (added November 2011)  

OSHA Technical Data on CO and SO2                 4 RCs (added November 2011)  

OSHA Technical Data on VOCs and Ozone         4 RCs  (added July 2011)   

AIHA White Paper on Corrosive Drywall                4 RCs (added July 2011)   

OSHA Guide to IAQ in Commercial Buildings       4 RCs  (added July 2011) 

Technical Paper on Health Effects of Dampness    4 RCs (added July 2011)    

Identification of Problematic Drywall                    4 RCs  (added Dec. 2010)

CPSC Final Report on Chinese Drywall                4 RCs (added Dec. 2010)

40 CFR 763 - Federal Asbestos Regulations        4 RCs (added Nov. 2009)

40 CFR 745 - Federal Lead Regulations               4 RCs (added Nov. 2009)

WHO Indoor Air Quality Guidelines (2009)           4 RCs  (added Nov. 2009)

EPA Methamphetamine Guidelines (2009)           4 RCs (added Dec. 2009)

EPA Mold Remediation Course (pdf)                    4 RCs (added Dec. 2006)

FEMA Hazardous Materials Guidance #1             4 RCs (added Nov. 2006)

FEMA Hazardous Materials Guidance #2             4 RCs (added Nov. 2006)

FEMA Hazardous Materials Guidance #3             4 RCs (added Nov. 2006)

FEMA Hazard Mitigation Guidance                      4 RCs  (added Nov. 2006)

OSHA Technical Manual Section II                      4 RCs (added Aug. 2008)

OSHA Technical Manual Section III                     4 RCs (added Sep. 2008)

OSHA Technical Manual Section VI                    4 RCs  (added Oct. 2008)

CA EPA, Ventilation & IAQ in New Homes           4 RCs (added May 2010)

Research on Ozone-generating Air Cleaners         4 RCs (added May 2010)


Industry reference texts (click a link to purchase):

IESO, Standard Practice                                                            4 RCs (added Nov. 2009)

AIHA, Recognition, Evaluation & Control of Indoor Mold                8 RCs total (added Nov. 2009)

Andy Ask, H2NO: Mechanical Systems & Moisture Control          8 RCs total (added Nov. 2009)

Lange, Current Occupational & Environmental Medicine               16 RCs total (added Nov. 2009)

ACGIH, Bioaerosols: Assessment & Control                               32 RCs total (added Oct. 2006 through Sep 2007)

AIHA, IAQ Investigator's Guide                                                     8 RCs total (added Mar. 2007)

IICRC, Standard S-500                                                                3 RCs total (added Feb. 2006)

IICRC, Standard S-520                                                                5 RCs total (added Dec. 2005)

Holly Bailey, Fungal Contamination                                             8 RCs total (added Dec. 2005)

H.E. Burroughs, Managing Indoor Air Quality                                8 RCs total (added Feb. 2006)

AIHA, Guideline 8-2007 (Meth Lab Cleanup)                                 8 RCs total (added Oct. 2007)


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